बज़्म ए ख़ास by Niru Soni
Location: Club Naila, Jaipur
Date: 5th Nov, 2023
Time: 8:00 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ₹499

Join us this Roohani Sunday a Gazal Night : बज़्म ए ख़ास this

5th November, 8 PM onwards under the moonlit sky, amidst the scent of fragrant flowers as  Niru Soni weaves a tapestry of emotions with their melodious tunes. da

From ancient verses to contemporary rhythms, get ready to bless your ears with their music that will resonate with the whispers of your heart and the echoes of centuries gone by.

Reservations: +91 96103 30004, +91 96103 30005

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