Abhyutthanam Presents Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe
Location: Open Theatre Landscape Park, Shipra Path, Jaipur
Date: 29th Oct, 2023
Time: 7:30 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ₹499 onwards

Prepare to embark on a spiritual and musical journey as Abhyutthanam presents a Soulful Concert featuring the enchanting melodies of Neeraj Arya`s Kabir Cafe. This unique musical ensemble will immerse you in the timeless poetry of the mystic saint Kabir, combining ancient wisdom with contemporary sounds for a transformative musical experience. Through their music, they breathe new life into Kabir`s age-old wisdom, creating a fusion that bridges generations and cultures.

Kabir`s teachings revolve around unity, love and pursuit of truth, so does Abhyutthanam. With this concert, Abhyutthanam envisions to offer you an intimate and introspective evening as you delve into the mysticism of Kabir`s verses.

It is not just an event yet an opportunity to connect with the spiritual and musical essence of Kabir. Bring your friends and family to share in this unique experience that promises to uplift your soul and leave you with a profound sense of inner peace.

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