Organizer: saumitr verma(self)
Date: 2nd and 3rd september
Time: 11am to 7pm
Entry Ticket: nothing

It’s a thrilling art event organized art jawahar kala kendra. The exhibition is based on the theme “APRICITY”, which is the remainder of warmth in the cold winter days.this exhibition is the celebration of life, moments and experiences.

“In a symphony of narratives, some stories unfold in breathtaking beauty, while others tread the path of heart-wrenching tragedy and in between there, is the playful dance of shadows and light. of warmth and cold and all that contains something amazing for being imprinted as our memories. Colours, figures, and movement are all there in our lives. Step into an extraordinary exhibition, where the very essence of apricity comes alive This exhibition explores the concept of apricity as rejuvenating power of hope. connection and transformation. It also is a speculation of one’s freedom to perceive life and to admire one’s expectations. It’s a work of determination, passion, love and a little obsession. In this exhibition, art becomes a conduit for embracing the luminous wonder that graces our lives. even in the coldest of times. The work would be as you see it.”