DSM ke Teen Natak
Location: Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
Date: 29th -30th July, 2023
Time: 7:30 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ?100

Drama School Mumbai and Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh present†DSM ke Teen Natak.

Three plays written, designed, directed and performed by the graduating students of the 2023 in-person batch.

Amb da Boota

How do you wait for your death?†

Do we know how weíre going to grieve until we grieve?†

Kya aam ko soonghne se bhi aam khatam hota hai?

Will the death hear if I sing for her?†

Aapko gudgudi vaali feeling pataa hai?

When Lata, a 47-year old short and loud woman, and her family learn about her impending death, her obsession with certain questions of everyday life takes over. As the family struggles to navigate this abyss of feelings, Lata embarks on her own whimsical voyage.

Featuring: Anya Ghai | Bhavya Rampal | Pranjal Vaid | Priyanshu Gupta | Siddharth Jalan

Roko Mat Jaane Do

How perplexing can it be to leave your rented house in Mumbai?

A 65-year old pensioner shares a great bond with his 35-year old actor tenant. Problems arise when the tenant wants to move out. Questions of loneliness, of letting go, of change all come to the fore…

Featuring: Aayush Thakur | Anukriti Mishra | Karan Harplani | Princy Sudhakaran | Vishal Kasana


Why are there so many walls between fathers and sons?

A stormy night, a son returns to a dilapidated house and a distant father. Too many things unsaid. Too many memories, painful. Who is to blame? Will the storm tear them apart?

Featuring: Mayank Vashisth | Sandesh Pawar | Stalin Mathew | Sumit Bishnoi

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