Lal Ded
Location: Main Auditorium, Rajasthan International Centre, Jaipur
Date: 27th Oct, 2023
Time: 6:30 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ₹99

Lal Ded is a solo act performed by Mita Vasisht. The play is a theatrical collage of poems, songs, thoughts, and philosophy of the medieval poetess Lal Ded from Kashmir. Though born to Brahmins, this fiery artist transgressed all boundaries by discarding her clothes at an early age and remaining unclad all her life.

Her poems, or vaakhs, were short and pithy, and they resonated with secular values transcending the narrow confines of caste and religion that had crippled India in those times. Everything about Lal Ded—her life, her vaakhs, challenged dogmas, and ossified perceptions

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