Mechanical Si Zindagi ft. Vaibhav Arora
Location: 4 Taste, Jaipur
Date: 10th Sep, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ?199 onwards

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering, I landed up in a job in the ‘Corporate World’ which I

found was more ‘Mechanical’ than all the Mechanics that I had learnt in all those years in

engineering. I realized that the education I had pursued wasn’t around learning about Machines but

a process where I myself became a Machine, that runs on the bait of salary and insecurity to churns

out jargonized meaningless work at the command of the bosses.

Hence, to feel human again and save myself from this ‘Mechanical Si Zindagi’, I tried to explore my

interest in Stand Up Comedy — in search of meaning and more importantly a beautiful girlfriend to

share my life — and went to an open mic to try my luck.

What happens next, Am I able to find happiness in what I believed was my passion? Am I able to

establish myself as a Stand-Up Comic and get out of the ‘Machinery of Corporate Job’? Am I able to

meet the girl that I had always dreamt of?

To know this and much more, came and witness the Special Show ‘Mechanical Si Zindagi’

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