Seven Solutions to Climate Change
Location: Mini Audi 1 - Rajasthan International Center, Jaipur
Date: 7th Oct, 2023
Time: 5:30 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ₹49

Climate Change: Why must we care, and what can we do about it? Ms. Ulka Kelkar will explain how climate change is fast becoming a crisis that cannot be ignored. It is having far-reaching effects on every aspect of life, from farming to housing to business to war. She will give examples from around the world and around the country that confirm what climate scientists have been warning about for years. She will then present seven types of solutions to climate change; some solutions are well-known, like planting trees or expanding solar energy, while others are more surprising. In particular, Ms. Kelkar will discuss how Rajasthan is affected by climate change and what solutions can be adopted here.

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