Sonu Sood is coming to Apex University Jaipur
Location: Apex Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Sitapura, Jaipur
Date: 20th May, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: N/A

Want to meet with Sonu Sood??

Sonu Sood is coming to Apex University, Jaipur on 20th May 2023 at 5 pm.

Participate in any of the following categories: Dance/Singing/Rap/Stand-up Comedy/Reel Making and Sketch (Sonu Sood only) and winners get a chance to share the stage with Sonu Sood and get exciting prizes.

Anyone can attend the event with ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA of -:
Age 15-25 Years
Student must have School/College ID or Aadhaar Card.

1) To participate in any of the contests (Dance/Singing/Rap/Stand Up Comedy/Sketch/Reel Making), the participant must create a 30-second video for the selected category and in sketch only Sonu Sood sketch is allowed (A3 size only).
2) The participant must fill out the form where he/she has to attach their 30-sec video latest by 19th May. (Form link in Apex University insta bio) also share on whatsapp 8209641693
3) Top 3 candidates from each category will get a chance to meet and share the stage with Sonu Sood & get exciting prizes.

Form link-

For any other queries – ?7413874138
?Apex Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sitapura, Jaipur