Teej Festival
Location: Jaipur
Date: 19th - 20th Aug, 2023
Time: N/A
Entry Ticket: Free

Teej Festival in Rajasthan is a time when the Pink City comes alive with the joyous celebration of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s divine union. Delight in the enchanting sights of the royal procession, featuring camels, folk dancers, and majestic palanquins, as it winds its way through the colorful lanes of Jaipur.
The procession commences at the Zanani-Deodhi of the City Palace, meandering through vibrant streets like Tripolia Bazaar, Chhoti Chaupar, and Gangauri Bazaar. It culminates in a grand spectacle at Talkatora Lake, gracing both days with magnificence.