Reasons To Celebrate Holi In Jaipur

1. History of Holi Celebration in Jaipur

Historians suggest that the king used Gulal Gota to play Holi with the public. He would ride on an elephant through the streets of Jaipur in a procession and throw Gulal Gota on the crowd gathered on either side of the road. Also famous are the water guns used by the king. His entourage would consist of a colored water tank used for these water guns. Some of these are on display in the city museum and were made of brass.

2. Holika Dahan

The mythological story is associated with Holika Dahan. Holika represents an ancient practice of burning wood and twigs. It is a symbolic ritual to celebrate the killing of Holika, an evil character in Hindu mythology by Lord Vishnu. This takes place on the eve of Dhulandi on Holi.

3. Jaipur City Palace

Holi celebrations by the princely family in Jaipur were legendary. Even now, the erstwhile royal family celebrates Holi in Jaipur City Palace, and tourists are asked to join in. The grandeur of yesteryear is indeed missing; the Holi celebration in Jaipur City Palace is symbolic.

4.Holi Celebrations in Govind Dev Ji Temple

Holi celebrations in Jaipur are closely knit with the most revered deity of the city, Lord Govind Dev Ji. It is called Phag Utsav, and the celebrations in the Govind Dev Ji Temple take place over a couple of weeks. This celebration is named after a month called Phalgun as per the Hindu calendar.

5. Holi celebration at other Temples in Jaipur

Almost all famous temples in Jaipur celebrate the month of “Phag.”The term Phag Utsav is used to denote the Holi celebration in Jaipur. Most prominent are temples like Brijnidhi Temple, Galta Ji Temple, Moti Dungari Ganesh Ji Temple, to name a few. Special devotional Holi songs and Bhajans mark the celebrations.

6. Chang and Dhap Songs

Traditional Holi parties include Chang and Dhap singers and dancers. It is part of folk dance. Chang is used during the Holi celebration in many temples but not in the same manner.

7. Thandai on Holi

Thandai is an integral drink of Holi celebrations in Jaipur. It is an Indian drink prepared from Badam or almond and milk. Apart from these two, many other ingredients are combined during its preparation, like cardamom, pepper, saffron, Saunf or fennel seeds, and sugar. It is best served when chilled.

8. Gulal Gota

Gulal Gota is one of the unique crafts famous of Jaipur. It is a very thin wax casing filled with Gulal, which breaks down on impact. The Jaipur royalty mostly used Gulal Gota. Therefore, many artisan families perpetuate this tradition patronized by the Jaipur royalty.

So, are you ready to celebrate holi in Jaipur?