Best Rated Non-Veg Eateries In Jaipur For Non-Veg Lovers

Best Rated Non-Veg Eateries in Jaipur

Sethi’s Kebab and Curries Companies

Sethi’s Kebab and Curries Companies – It has more than five outlets throughout Jaipur, each with opulent interiors. The prices are reasonable and worthwhile experience. They have delicious fish, mutton, and chicken appetizers. Kebab and curries are popular non-veg eateries throughout Jaipur, serving the majority of gravy-rich non-veg dishes.

Handi Restaurant, MI Road

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Handi Restaurant, MI Road – Known for delicious and authentic Tandoori and Mughlai meals.  The atmosphere praises the uniqueness of Rajasthani culture. Order the barbecue starters with mint chutney, the keema batti with Handi special gravy and lahsun chutney, or the non-veg thali, but don’t forget to try the Handi chicken.

Talk Of The Town

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Talk Of The Town – Serves delectable North Indian and Chinese nonveg dishes and barbeque at a reasonable price. The menu includes a variety of traditional and seasonal specialties. Don’t miss out on their Kali Mirch Mutton, Hot Garlic Prawns, Lemon Chicken, Rarah Mutton, and Dhaba Chicken.

MM Khan Hotel At Ramganj Bajar

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MM Khan Hotel At Ramganj Bajar, a popular non-vegetarian restaurant in Jaipur, the decor and atmosphere will stimulate your senses. To stimulate your taste buds, they use aromatic and natural herbs in their cuisines. Fried and roasted chicken, chicken tikka, mutton stew, haleem biryani, and chicken changezi are among their specialties.

Muhammadi Palace, Chandpole

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Muhammadi Palace, Chandpole – Delicious, spicy, and fresh food at a reasonable price. Mutton Biryani and Payas are must-orders here. If you’re craving Desi-style or Dhaba-style mutton or chicken, this is the place to go.
Rates are reasonable, and there is a good crowd here.

Niros on MI Road

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Niros on MI Road – This is one of the oldest Elite non-veg eateries in Jaipur, with a cozy ambiance and a variety of curries, both mutton and chicken. It is famous for its non-vegetarian and seafood Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, and North-Indian dishes. Don’t miss out on the Chicken Sandwiches and Bhuna Chicken at Niros.

The Sheesha Restaurant

The Sheesha Restaurant: This restaurant is located within the walls of Jaipur’s pink city and reflects your preferences. It creates a royal atmosphere with Rajasthani folk dance and delectable meat-based dishes with traditional Indian spices. The high-quality food served here is cooked over low charcoal flames.

25 degree East, C Scheme

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25 degree East, C Scheme – Serves North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. It is highly recommended for those who yearn for Murga Masala, which is only available on weekends. Chicken masala, Seekh Kebab Keema samosa, and other chicken dishes are available on the menu. This restaurant is well-known for its fantastic decor and its delicious food.

Zarpar restaurant in Malviya Nagar

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Zarpar restaurant in Malviya Nagar – The restaurant’s hospitality and warmth welcome you to Kashmir paradise. The plate includes the fine-dining Deewan Khana, the Kashmiri Bazar, and the Pari Mahal, designed in the shape of a houseboat. It is well-known for its elegant atmosphere and delectable non-vegetarian cuisine.

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