Jaipur Famous Food: You Have to Try!

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Jaipur is a mesmerising land of vibrant colours, peachy quaint architecture, captivating gardens that make it a beautiful travel place for many tourists. Once here, you’ll observe a combination of archaic and contemporary aesthetics that have made Jaipur get under the list of UNESCO world heritage places. But apart from its beautiful buildings, it’s the […]

Jaipur Palace In Austin: Flavors & Cuisine From The Native Land

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The owner Sunil Kumar is from Jaipur, India, which, according to the business website, is known for big palaces, tombs, and many new crypts. He’s brought the flavours and cuisine from his native land to Austin with a menu that includes Indian-inspired salads, soups, slices of bread, rice dishes and main courses. Jaipur Palace has […]

Best Tea Stall in Jaipur: Host of Tea Café Springing Up

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India is a tea-drinking country, and consequently, tea is the most widespread drink. You can get a tea shop at every nook and corner. South India is an oddity where Filter Coffee is more prevalent. As a breather, tea culture is picking up fast with a host of tea café coming up in Jaipur with […]

Best Rooftop Restaurants In Jaipur: Cuisines with Comfort

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Jaipur, popularly known as one of the romantic cities, has many dining options that can genuinely leave you astonished and surprised with its settings. One such splendid dining encounter you can get in the rooftop restaurants available in Jaipur. These restaurants are the ideal getaway from the busy roads and stress of everyday life. Deciding […]

Best Restaurants in Jaipur: Nice Interiors, Warm Ambiance

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Jaipur is the place to be for an enthusiast of the finest delicacies but, more importantly, of beautiful interiors and a breathtaking ambiance that complements an equally delectable meal! Jaipur has some of the best cuisines served with the most Instagram-worthy interiors, diverse additions to the record of best restaurants. Scroll down to discover the […]