Best Tea Stall in Jaipur: Host of Tea Café Springing Up

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India is a tea-drinking country, and consequently, tea is the most widespread drink. You can get a tea shop at every nook and corner. South India is an oddity where Filter Coffee is more prevalent. As a breather, tea culture is picking up fast with a host of tea café coming up in Jaipur with titles like Tapri Central, Chaisa, Tea Connect, and so on!

Tea café began appearing in Jaipur some 7-8 years ago as an affordable option to serving coffee. Providing to the young crowd, particularly to students with reasonable rates and Indian menu concept spontaneously hit. With Chai joints in Jaipur, there is a distinct dimension to the booming tea culture. The mood in the tea house is easygoing and comfortable.

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The following spots serve the best tea in Jaipur. If you relish Chai, then hit these places.

1. Tapri Central

Tapri understood the potential of the untapped market through upmarket tea houses at elegant locations. It extends a vast assortment of tea from the conventional Masala, Ilaichi, Tulsi Chai to a variety of green tea; sipping tea is no longer considered downmarket. Tapri Central was formulated as a hybrid model extending east and west amalgaming affordable tea cafes and coffee brewing cafes. Serving famous Indian and International menus enabled them to cater to a diversity of clients. This new niche was a runaway triumph. The market was so good that Tapri opened multiple outlets in Jaipur. The most famous tea in Tapri is Adrak (Ginger) and Cutting Chai. The latter is regular milk-based tea, while the former has a strong flavor of ginger. Again, not one of the traditional tea stalls. Tapri is the most prominent hangout place for all the tea lovers who love to read a book and drink a nice hot cup of tea.

Address: B4 E, 3rd Floor, Surana Jewellers, C Scheme, Jaipur Cost: Rs.500/- (for two people)

2. Gulab Ji Chai

This place markets only one alternative of tea, and it is Masala Chai. Some like it, others don’t. But the long halt does prove its reputation. Initially, the outlet was at MI Road, near Ganpati Plaza. Later, Gulabji proceeded to Ganpati Plaza. The owner of Gulab Ji served complimentary tea to the weak and homeless people each morning. Sadly, he passed away in 2020. The new contemporaries have started a brand-new and buzzing outlet in Bani Park near Collect-orate. The affordability part coupled with consistent taste guarantees a steady flow of patrons. This place prepares the best masala chai in the city. Everybody who tours Jaipur or who visits in Jaipur heads to this place for the very delicious Chai. The thing that earns Gulab Ji Chaiwala the best chaiwallah position in Jaipur city is not only his best masala chai but his kindness as well. Gulab Ji has his tea stall at the heart of the town, MI Road, serves the less happy and needy people for free.

Address: Gulab Ji Chaiwala, M.I. Road, Jaipur Cost: Rs.100/- (for two people)

3. Sahu Chai

Sahu Chai is an antique shop vending tea in Chaura Rasta, Jaipur. It doesn’t possess a seating arrangement and can rightly be classified as roadside Thadi. The shop has established patrons and serves only tea with rusk tea biscuit. The Chai served by the little tea store is world-famous. The Chai is not simply a chai that brings money to the Sahu Chaiwala, but it is a legacy that his house has been driving for more than 40 years. The originality in the Sahu ki Chai lies in the long-drawn moderated heating of the milk, which is boiled mildly on a coal stove for not shorter than 20 minutes.

Address: Chaura Rasta, Jaipur Cost: Rs.100/- (for two people)

4. Dariyav Chaiwala

Dariyav Chai is well-known amongst the locals of Tonk Road. The chaiwala is renowned for serving the best Kesar ki chai in the town of Jaipur. Not only does he fit the Jaipur tea, but he also serves spicy and crispy Daal Ke Pakode, including mint chutney, along with his servings of tea. The Chai is grand here, and the crispy chaat masala combines up to the taste quotient.

Address: Daryav Chai, Tonk Road Cost: Rs.120/- (for two people)

4. Tea Connect

Indeed not one of those conventional chaiwallahs who own a small stall and provide maska buns with tea, but this place is unquestionably one serving the best tea for ginger cardamom masala chai and what-not tea. The location is very famous for its ambiance and quick servings at a very reasonable rate.

Address: Patel Marg, Madhyam Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur Cost: Rs.150/-(for two people)

5. Chaisa

Initially started in Lal Kothi, the new outlet in C-Scheme is even more prevalent. Like Tapri serves many alternatives of Chai, incorporating Pudina and Kesar. Affordability is a significant USP when it happens to students. Outstation learners and students in Jaipur need a spot to hang out. A place where people can chill, swap notes and catch up with buddies! Affordable Chai café or tea house matches the bill perfectly.

6. Making Tea Houses & Chai Cafe Popular

Familiarity with our food (read food habits) and culture provide some comfort. Tea is an element of Indian culture and also a component of our routine & habit. The same continues for Aaloo Parantha. Most of us will favor Adrak Chai with Pakora to a coffee with French fries on a rainy day.

In the past, Chai was connected with the roadside vendors who were referred to as Thadi. Students would gang up with their companions at certain roadside tea stalls. In recent years, chai cafes propose a better substitute for those who love Chai and a community to hang out.


Tea houses or Tea Cafes like Tapri Jaipur or Chaisa extend a break from the anticipated menu and culture of the “me too” café. If you are touring Jaipur, hit the tea café to go for a different experience and mood.

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