Inspiring Women OF Jaipur City

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1. Kulsum Malik

Kulsum Malik, the founder of leading beauty Salon Kaya Kalp had spent her childhood in poverty but today she runs a chain of parlours and beauty training institutes today. She also owns Kaya Kalp Herbals PVT Ltd, which sells Ayurveda beauty products globally. This lady, who created history in the grooming profession in Jaipur, trains poor girls from SOS and deaf girls for free.

2. Dr. Jayshree Periwal

Dr. Jayshree Periwal is the owner and chairperson of the Jayshree Periwal group of the school. She started her journey as educationist with one student in her garage, and today, she owns around ten schools in Jaipur. She opened the first truly International School of IGCSE and IB curricula and pioneered International education in Rajasthan. Dr. Jayshree Periwal, in the year 2019, was awarded the Rajasthan Gaurav award. Asia One honoured her as the most influential education in India.

3. Chhavi Rajawat

Born in Jaipur city Chhavi Rajawat was elected as youngest Sarpanch of the village Soda that is 60 km from Jaipur city in year 2010. As the Sarpanch she worked to provide clean water, construction of toilet in every house in the village, construction of roads and has set up the village first branch of State Bank of India. IBNLive awarded her with the owner of ‘Young Indian Leader’. The Times of India credits her as the changing face of rural Rajasthan.

4. Alka Batra

Alka Batra is the founder of Aegis consultancy services. She is among the first generation of successful businesswomen in Jaipur city. She has counselled more than 50000 job seekers through one-to-one mentoring sessions and seminars. Alka Batra has received four national awards: the Udyog Ratna award, the Indian national achiever award, 10 State Awards, and the Women of the Future award. She is a remarkable lady with all poise, courage, knowledge, grit, and tact.

5. Smita Bansal

Smita Bansal is a well-known name of Indian television Industry. Born in Jaipur, she always wanted to become an actor, so she moved to Mumbai at a young age. She gained popularity with her role as Sumitra in the long-running popular television show Balika Vadhu. She owns an acting academy in Jaipur. She is also an active theatre artist and has worked in regional films.

6. Princess Diya Kumari

Princess Diya Kumari belongs to the royal family of Jaipur and rules the heart of Jaipurites. Princess Diya Kumari Foundation works for the empowerment of women through several sustainable livelihood programs. She inspires rural women caught up in ways of domestic dogma and motivates them to find meaning in some work they love to do. Princess Diya Kumari is an ambassador of ‘Save the Girl Child Rajasthan.’ Also, she is a member of the Lok Sabha.

7. Neelu Vaghela

52 years old Neelu Vaghela, who has spent the earlier phase of her life in Jaipur, is a well-known dancer, actor, and TV personality. She is well-known for her Rajasthani cinema work and has acted in more than 50 Rajasthani films and 5 Gujarati films. Neelu Vaghela became a household name after playing the role of ‘Bhabo’ in the serial Diya Aur Baati Hum. She owns the production house Aruneel Films, which produce Rajasthani movies.

8. Manju Mehta

Manju Mehta born in Jaipur and grew up in a family of musician is an Indian classical Sitar player. In year 2016, she received Dhirubhai Thakar Savyasachi Saraswat award. In year 2018, she has received Tansen Samman. She is the co-founder of Saptak School of Music. She is a top grade classical instrumentalist which is the highest grade of musicians in All India Radio’s rating system.

9. Nirmala Sevani

Nirmala is a mystery woman who has been predicting the future and is a well-known name in astrology in Jaipur and NCR. She practices palmistry, voice analysis and astrology. In addition, she is a healer and therapist. She made her first prediction when she was only 13 years old and told her 15-year-old neighbour that she would soon run away from her home, and a week later her prediction came true. Nirmala is known as the best voice vibration expert.

10. Leela Bordia

Leela Bordia owns Neerja International, a well-acclaimed and largest manufacturer, and exporter of blue pottery. She is a woman with gullible creativity and has created her own 1000 unique designs. Her company supports hundred of craftsmen and their families working for Neerja International. Leela Bordia is a remarkable woman with innovation technique, enthusiasm, and strong belief in herself that revived the art of blue pottery.

11. Shabana Dagar

Shabana Dagar is president of Ustad muddin Khan Indian music art and culture society. She is carrying the musical legacy of her forefathers in innovative ways. On 8 March 2017, she was awarded the women empowerment award. In addition, the Rajasthan Muslim Education Society of Jaipur has awarded her for her services to Indian art, music, and culture. She is well-known for organizing the art event Gunijan Sabha.

12. Shikhi Sharma

Banker and passionate author Shikhi Sharma was awarded ‘Women of Rajasthan’ in March 2020. Her book ‘Unbeatable-Celebrating Life with Cerebral Palsy’ got appreciated by Shatabdi Awasthi, who received Gold Medalist in FIDE Grand Prix 2022. In addition, Shiki was a speaker at Ahemdabad International Literature Festival.

13. Smita Jaipuria

Smita Jaipuria is a pioneer of packing and gifting solutions in Jaipur. She started a handmade paper-manufacturing venture when her husband went into a financial crisis. She began by making paper bags and envelopes at home. Her business finally flourished after failing many times thus, she is a perfect example that if a woman is determined, she can achieve anything. Do not let failures break you. Keep trying and you will win.

14. Anita Dhingra

Anita is the founder of Manmohan Exports. She received the women’s Entrepreneur of the year organized by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council in Mumbai. She Motivates women to step out of their comfort zones if they are determined to make a change in world.

15. Anastassiya Savchenko

She is the Founder of Jaipur Women Blog. Anastassiya is a phenomenal woman Her blogs showcase the success stories of females in different spheres of life such as social issues, career, relationships, business and more. She claimed that being happy defines the word empowerment and not any worldly things like money, fame, and popularity.

16. Shweta Khurana

Shweta is founder of Molly Moo Ice creams. She was passionate to creating something tasty but healthy. She advise new entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and instead of thinking about success and failure, one should think more about work. Shweta believes that motherhood instilled in her the skill to multi-task and made her more empathetic and compassionate to everyone around her.

The list is not completed. Would you like to add names of inspiring women from Jaipur city?

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