Jaipur Diwali Lighting

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1. Johri Bazaar

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On Diwali, the Johri bazaar, a market known throughout the world for its dazzling jewelry, mainly that made and found in Jaipur, is seen gleaming with lights. You must visit there for diwali lighting in Jaipur.

2. World Trade Center

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World Trade Park is no longer a newcomer; it is now one of the most upscale places in Jaipur to shop, eat, watch movies, hang out, etc. On the other hand, WTP wraps itself in the Diwali spirit in its own elite and glittering way.

3. Trimurti Circle

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The circle dedicated to police martyrs is subtly decorated with flowers and is not to be missed as one of the most famous landmarks of the pink city.

4. Motisons Jewellers 

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Motisons Jewellers, one of the most opulent buildings in Jaipur, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the festival of lights. Their Diwali lighting, like their beautiful jewelry and intriguing building, stands out and draws a lot of attention.

5. Fort Amer

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Although Amer Fort is well lit all year and serves as a symbol of pride and history in Jaipur, it takes on a whole new level of luxury during Diwali, with its yellow sandstone shining brighter and resembling a golden castle in the pink city.

6. Raja Park

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Raja Park, a constantly crowded area of Jaipur, gives the impression of a brightly lit street during the Diwali festival because of its versatility in providing anything from a basic panipuri to a perfect wedding gown.

7. Albert Hall Museum

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The Rajasthan State Museum is lit in all the colors that one could only hope to see in a rainbow, and even the pigeons who like to rest here are compelled to sit and admire the exquisite architecture.

8. GT Bazaar 

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GT Bazaar, A Malviya Nagar gem for foodies and shopaholics alike, GT Bazaar is lit up and glowing as if a thousand stars are falling from the sky to bless the earth this Diwali.

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