Jaipur Nehru Garden: Unique Property Of Jaipur Development Authority

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Nehru Garden Jaipur or Nehru Bal Udhyan is a place for couples, kids and adventure seekers. We are talking about a garden where you can enjoy a greenery area, swings, garden with beautiful flowers, water fountain, kids train, boating. It means many exciting things are available for rejoicing.

The beautiful Nehru Garden is situated on Tonk Road at Tonk Phatak area Jaipur, 2 kilometres away from Sawai Man Singh Stadium. This joyful place is a unique property of Jaipur Development Authority.

Nehru garden is established in Jaipur. It is rated one of the largest parks of Jaipur. The greenery and gym in this garden make it beautiful. Such an ambience gives calm and peace to visitors. Moreover, the ducks, colourful fountains, and toy train in this garden makes it a nice place to explore in Jaipur.

Morning Walk in Nehru Garden Jaipur

Try to wake up early and get ready to visit this garden. After reaching there, walk a few footsteps to get near to entry gates. It has a jogging track and also a sand track for runners. The single round of the park is about 800 meters. It has an open-air gym with facilities for various kinds of workouts.

Nehru Garden Jaipur grows crowded on holidays and Sundays. As this enclosure is in the middle of the city, not all the visitants are here for morning walks or evening walks. Some also come here to read or outings. No doubt it’s an excellent place to hold a book and read a chapter.

Jogging Track

After few physical exercises like warm-ups and stretching, yoga will give you inner peace. In early mornings, a few yoga clubs organize yoga and meditation classes here in this garden. However, it’s better to learn it before doing yoga through online courses or youtube videos to match the group’s capabilities.

After that, you may head to the public gym, which is free of cost. It’s a great strategy of the government to accommodate such public health-related gyms. You may try a few exercises for about 20-30 minutes.

Yoga Assembly

While doing yoga, persons sitting next to you can get you in political or health discussing or random local stories. Those stories were distracting at times to concentrate on yoga, although they are attractive, too. 

Several couples come here every morning or evening. It’s good to visit in the mornings and evenings too. So you can spend time here with your friends. In the morning, meditation and yoga can be good things to do. While in the evenings, fountains and street food outside of this park are the attractions of Nehru Garden.

Wildlife Species at Nehru Garden Jaipur

There is an artificial pond in this garden where you can see the ducks and birds. Fishes can be seen here as the water is being filtered every day. Kids enjoy vising this pond. There are few white and grey ducks. There are more than 50 species of birds to be found in the garden. Along with the vast species of birds, there are many kinds of plants and trees with unique and beautiful flowers. If you want to get a calm and peaceful time in a metro city, then a garden is the best place. You must appreciate the authorities who made it a better place. People should also take care of cleanliness every time they visit such sites.

At the exit of Nehru Garden, there is a juice shop that sells mix fruit and vegetable juices which is healthy to have in the mornings.

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