Jaipur Royal Family: Royals Headed by Maharaja Padmanabh Singh

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Maharaja Padmanabh Singh and the aristocratic family of Indiaís Jaipur state, although Decades after, they were stripped of their official role.

Long after they dropped their official role as rulers of Jaipur, the surviving members of the stateís erstwhile royal family resume living extraordinary times.

The paramount members of the royal family consist of the dashing Maharaja Padmanabh Singh; his mother Princess Diya Kumari, Maharani Padmini Devi; and the Maharajaís siblings Princess Gauravi Kumari and Lakshya Raj Singh. The 21-year-old Padamanbh, who his grandfather adopted, the late Bhawani Singh as his heir, controls a fortune that is estimated to be worth between US$697 million and US$855 million. In comparison, the combined familyís wealth sits somewhere between that figure and US$2.8 billion, according to Business Insider.

Bhawani Singhís single daughter, Diya Kumari, remains busy running the familyís immense portfolio of properties. These duties involve attending after the City Palace in Jaipur, the Jaigarh and Fort, and a summer residency called Jaipur House while balancing the management of two family-owned schools: The Palace School and the Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School. The family designates the 300-year-old City Palace their home, though it is also typically welcoming to the public.

Padmanabh Singh and Princess Gauravi Kumari got world-class tutoring.

The Maharaja went to Ajmerís Mayo College boarding school at the age of four, moved on to Millfield School in the UK, then registered at New York University for college before departing for Rome to study art and architecture. His younger sister Gauravi also read at NYU and has been vocal concerning her passion for the city. Similar to her brother, she also announced plans to study art in Florence in the summer of 2018.

The family is accustomed to a world of constant travel. The royals Ė Padmanabh notably Ė are constantly on the move. But despite their state, the Maharaja reveals that their lifestyle has been humble: ďIíve had a childhood like any other kid Ė not entitled or privileged. So, I donít endure any culture shock when I travel,Ē he said in Architectural Digest. He also acknowledged being drawn to Rome for its closeness to Jaipur.

Jaipur royals play polo, seem at fashion shows and take part in charitable and cultural events. Itís not difficult to spot the members of the family out and about. The Maharaja is often playing polo as he is a member of the Guards Polo Club in Windsor, UK. Meanwhile, Princess Gauravi is no stranger to fronting magazine covers. Perhaps busiest of all is Princess Diya, present at book launches, occasional art exhibitions, or charity events.

Want to know how they live? Rent a room at the City Palace. Padamanbh became the first sovereign host on Airbnb in November 2019 when he recorded the Gudliya Suite at the City Palace of Jaipur for US$7,774 a night. The profits from this will go to the Diya Kumari Foundation, which promotes local women and artisans.

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