Places to eat in Jaipur during Navratri

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It’s that time of year when Jaipurites are always looking for new food joints and cafes when almost no one looks for these cafes and restaurants for 9 days. So, with the start of Navratri, let us prepare for both festivities and fasting. Here are some best places to eat in Jaipur during navratri.

1. Falahaar

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Falahaar is an old chain that serves falahari food, and the best in one of the places to eat in navratri in Jaipur, which people enjoy during fasts. It specializes in fasting food and offers a wide variety of it. Sabhudhana kichadi and fruit cream are must-tries. Falahaar has locations throughout the city, including C-scheme, Raja park, MI Road, Tonk Road, Vaishali Nagar, and Mansarovar.

2. Sattviko

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The restaurant specializes in satvik food without onions and garlic, as the name implies. It enhances the flavors of the dishes and serves a nutritious meal. GT Central Mall houses the restaurant.

3. Frubox

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It is especially beneficial for those who adhere to a strict fruit diet during the nine days of Navratri. Frubox is a new pink city start-up that operates on a subscription basis. Subscribe to the Frubox app to receive fresh fruits for at least seven days during Navratris.

4. Cravings

If you want some yummy food and juices during Navratri, Cravings Café and Restaurant in Malviya Nagar is the place to go because it offers some fresh juices like blood enhancers, body coolers, blood purifiers, and many more to keep you hydrated in the scorching summer heat.

5. Lassiwala

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When you’re fasting, you’ll need some energy, and a glass of fresh Lassi from Lassi Wala on MI Road will suffice.

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