Popular Cycle Routes In Jaipur For Enthusiasts

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Due to COVID 19, many Jaipurites have to give up going to fitness studious or gyms, so they are taking cycling in large numbers. Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises to start your day with. 

Jaipurites, if you are keen to kick start your mornings cycling on popular cycling routes in your areas, read on our list.

JLN road: It is one of the most popular cycle routes for both beginners and seasons cyclists. It is a well-paved and straight 10 km road ideal for hybrid cycles and road bikes. Start from Albert Hall, Ramniwas Bagh and cycle upto the preferred endpoint on this route, Patrika Gate. If you are unable to do long-distance cycling choose and divide sections depending upon effort and time. You can also rent cycle from Jawahar Circle near Patrika Gate from popular cycle rental company pink pedals in Jaipur.

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Rajasthan University Road Jaipur – For the residence in the vicinity of Rajasthan university, the Rajasthan University Road is a pretty short popular cycling route.

Mahal Road Jagatpura: It is another popular cycling route in Jagatpura, Jaipur. As Jagatpura is still an upcoming area thus, the traffic is minimal. A round trip is approximately 30 to 40 kilometers but depends on the starting point. Significant about this cycling route is 6 Lane Road. It is an ideal place if you are seeking fresh air away from the concrete jungle.

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Central Park Perimeter– Central Park Jaipur has been heaven for the fitness enthusiast in Jaipur. Cycle rental services based on hourly, weekly, or monthly system is available near Centre park. Please note cycling in the central park is not allowed. But you can hire a cycle from near gate no 3 and cycle around the Central park perimeter.

Statue Circle – One of the most beautiful circles built in Jaipur near Central Park, with a garden and statue in the center. It is a road junction. Pick up your preferred short cycling track around statue circle to Vidhan sabha road, or Bhawani Singh Road, or Prithviraj road, or to Deer Park. The only problem is traffic we suggest you ride quite early in the morning.

Image Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQhlCb5tkKa/

Queens Road and Sirsi road in Vaishali Nagar- For those residing in the Jaipur west, Queens Road and Sirsi road is popular cycling routes among the residents.

Dravyavati Nadi Cycling Track 47kms long cycle track runs parallel to Dravyavati River on stretch. Other vehicles are not allowed on the track. Cycle on Dravyavati Nadi Front track and admire the beauty around.

Image Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG-L2hhpPts/

Sagar lake Amer – If you are in for some adventure, take the route to Sagar lake behind Amer Fort. The course is a little challenging for beginners. The sections with inclines are Kheri Gate to Sagar lake and Kanak Ghati. 

Nevta Dam: Nevta dam has become one of the favorite cycling routes for seasonal cyclists. The route is approximately 25 km from Albert Hall one way. The section is not completely paved and is not ideal for the beginners

Fasted morning rides at low intensity promote metabolism, burn fat, boost energy, improve stamina, and enhance mood. 

Cycling is a positive start to your mornings inclined to make you healthy. Cycle at least 5-10 km a day on popular cycling routes in Jaipur to shape yourself and stay fit. 

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