Popular Dal Batti Churma Places In Jaipur

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1. Santosh Bhojnalaya

You can either order their Dal Bati Thali or their Dal Roti Thali.

Of course, the highlight here is their Dal Bati Thali, which comes with Dal Baati Churma, Aloo Ki Sabzi, Green Dal, and Gatte Ki Sabzi.

2. Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar is one of the oldest restaurants serving Dal Bati Churma in Jaipur.

For tasting their authentic Dal Baati Churma, you can either go for their Thar Platter (Rs. 410) or Rajasthani Royal Thali (Rs. 540).

3. Chokhi Dhani

They also serve delicious and authentic Dal Baati Churma through their well-known thali.

Over 25 different varieties of dishes are served on your plate, including the cult favourite Dal Baati Churma.

4. Khamma Ghani

They serve thali is just for Rs. 79 and it includes Dal Baati Churma, Gatte Ki Sabzi, Chutney, Salad and Mirchi already.

Their Dal Baati Churma, for this thali, has four basic baatis too.Their Special Thali is at Rs. 99 and includes the same dishes as above plus Papad and Chach.

5. ITC Rajputana

With a variety of Chinese, Rajasthani, and Continental cuisines, their buffet is a must-try too.

But if it’s only the Dal Baati Churma that you’d like to sample, you can also do that. Their Dal Baati Churma is quite unique but still retains that Rajasthani taste.

6. Thali House

Their best feature? They serve unlimited thali for such an affordable price.

Plus, you won’t have to wait long just to have your meal served to you. It’s the best place for a quick meal for those who just want to enjoy authentic Dal Baati Churma without having to spend too much.

7. Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

The iconic restaurant is famous for its different varieties of kachoris, but it also draws many loyal customers for its savory daal baati churma platter.

The restaurant offers both plain and masala bati along with different flavors of churma including besan and Gulab. The special thali contains papad, curry and different dals.

8. Monarch Restaurant

Their menu is very extensive, with cuisines of Rajasthan, China, and North India.

They also have a full buffet section or you can opt for their ala carte meals. Again, like the other restaurants, they have a Rajasthani Thali, where the Dal Baati Churma is included.

9. Tan Sukh

The best feature of this restaurant is that it offers baatis and churmas per piece or per order.

So if ever you ordered their Rajasthani Thali (Rs. 300) and you have some leftover dal or churma, you can order an additional baati so the dish won’t go to waste.

10. Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma is a dhaba in Jaipur that is ultimately known for serving dal baati churma.

It’s a budget-friendly place that offers amazing food at affordable prices. Located Near Collectorate Circle, Bani Park, Jaipur

11. Sri Thal Village

The dish comprises crispy dough balls coupled with flavorsome lentils and delightfully sweet crumbs of Churma.

*Slurp* Sri Thaal Village is one of our go-to joints for enjoying this delectable grub amidst the rustic village decor.

12. Thali And More

The Thalis of Rajasthan have taken it up a notch by adding a tinge of their indigenous grandeur to this dish.

Thali and More have condensed this palatial delicacy in a pocket-friendly rendition that features some exquisite bread, curries, sweets and more.

Which place will you add in the list?

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