The Edmund’s Cup 2022

On this day, July 16, 2022, the 15th Shri Ranveer Singh Memorial Basketball Tournament came to an end. These four days saw joy, hilarity, celebration, sorrow, and winners. Champions who acted as if they were panthers leaping into the air to conquer the sky or tigers ready to strike. During these four days, the basketball court displayed a swan’s grace, the cat’s litheness, and the cheetah’s momentum. On the pitch, there was a palpable intensity and tremendous energy. Watching the Cheerleaders captivate the audience with their glistening, glittering dances was amazing. Mr. Jaspal Singh and Ms. Manpreet Kaur, two renowned bloggers from “I Love Jaipur City,” served as the event’s chief guests. Mr. Satish Chandra Pal from “Rang de Jaipur” served as the guest of honour. Mr. Dipen Singh, the academic head of the school, gave a speech to the pupils and encouraged them to consider blogging jobs in addition to more traditional ones. The spectators’ unrelenting zeal thrilled the school administration.

The St. Edmunds tigresses won the first final game between the St. Edmunds School A team and the MGPS, Girls. The day when girls were mistreated is long gone. Today’s match demonstrated that they possess an unblowable fire. They are prepared to defeat their competitors. Sanskar School and the A team from St. Edmunds School competed in the boys’ competition’s final game. Alumni from all across the world gathered to support St. Edmunds, their alma mater. It was a fantastic achievement! Due to their lithe and tall players, the Sanskar team had an advantage over their opponents, St. Edmunds, but no one, I repeat, no one could counteract our Champions of the Year, the indomitable, the unstoppable St. Edmunds Team, who defeated the Sanskar team by a final score of 45/28.

The day came to a close with a closing ceremony at which our distinguished guests and management honoured the referees, coaches, team managers, and students. Deepanshi Tomar, Abhay Singh Shekhawat, and Devansh Navlani all received scholarships. Deepanshi Tomar won the Best Player for Girls title, and Dhairya Jain, who plays with great ease, composure, and elegance, won the Best Shooter for Girls honour. Ritika Yadav of the St. Edmunds School’s C team has been named the tournament’s Rising Star. Abhay received the Best Shooter, Boys title since he made the most three-pointers during the competition. Manan from Sanskar School was named the Best Player in the Boys Division, and Vishal Sherpa was named the Tournament’s Rising Star. The victors were much praised by Ms. Manpreet Kaur, who said, “Always keep learning, and the future is yours.” Finally, there was a vote of gratitude for the visitors. With emotions of delight coupled with laughter, the event came to a close. After much effort and sweat on the field, the taste of victory was exquisite. I’ll be back after the next occasion.

I Love Jaipur City

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