Sanedo Garba Night
Location: Shree Van Marriage Garden, Jaipur
Date: 21st Oct, 2023
Time: 5:00 pm onwards
Entry Ticket: ₹300 onwards

Experience the Magic of Navratri at Our Sanedo Garba Night in Jaipur!

Step into a world of vibrant colors, infectious rhythms, and sheer cultural exuberance at our Sanedo Garba Night the heart of Jaipur. Hosted amidst the majestic beauty of the Pink City, our celebration of Navratri promises an unforgettable experience for all.

🌟 Date: 21st October, 2023

🌟 Venue: Shree Van Marriage Garden, Sirsi Road, Jaipur

🌟 Managed By: Marcella Hospitality Pvt Limited (Catering Clap)

🎉 Highlights of Sanedo Garba Night🎉

🪙 Traditional Elegance:

Marvel at the mesmerizing decor that reflects the rich traditions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, with intricate designs, marigold flowers, and kaleidoscopic lighting that transform the venue into a visual spectacle.

🕺 Enthralling Performances:

Get ready to sway and twirl to the infectious beats of live Garba performances by renowned troupes and local artists. Feel the energy and passion as the dance floor comes alive!

🎶 Folk Music:

Let the soulful tunes of Rajasthani and Gujarati folk music transport you to a bygone era, adding a soul-stirring dimension to the festivities.

🥘 Gastronomic Delights:

Indulge your taste buds with a delectable array of traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine, from mouthwatering dhoklas to fragrant dal baati churma. Our food stalls promise a culinary journey like no other.

👗 Traditional Attire:

Dress in your finest traditional Rajasthani or Gujarati attire and participate in our “Best Dressed” contest. Embrace the cultural spirit and be in the running for exciting prizes.

🎁 Prizes and Souvenirs:

Winners of dance competitions and the “Best Dressed” contest stand a chance to take home up to Rs 5 Lakh in prizes. Don’t forget to pick up cultural souvenirs to remember this unforgettable evening.

🚨 Safety First:

Rest assured, your safety is our top priority. We have stringent security measures in place, medical facilities on standby, and efficient traffic management to ensure a worry-free experience.

🎫 Get Your Tickets:

Don’t miss out on this cultural extravaganza! Secure your tickets in advance through our website or visit designated outlets.

Join us for a night of sheer joy, cultural immersion, and unforgettable memories. Our Sanedo Garba Night in Jaipur is not just an event; it’s a celebration of tradition, togetherness, and the spirit of Navratri. See you there! 🌙🪔🎶

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