Bapu Bazaar- Insights to be Gained

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1. Mojari footwear

Mojaris in Bapu Bazar
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Mojaris, a Jaipur-made product, are available for both men and women in Bapu Bazar. Mojari footwear is handcrafted from camel skin, though other materials are now used. The footwear, also known as Jootis, is beautifully embroidered and comes in various appealing colors and patterns.

2. Leather items

Leather items of Bapu Bazar
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Rajasthan has a rich history of leather works, and you won’t be able to miss the display of various items like handbags, belts, wallets, and decorative pieces as you walk down Jaipur’s Bapu Bazar.

3. Artificial jewellery

Artificial jewelry, Bapu Bazar
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In Jaipur Jewellery Earrings, neckpieces, and anklets; bangles have a unique place because they arrive in two varieties, lacquer-made also with colorful silk threads.

4. Handicrafts

Handicrafts of Bapu Bazar
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Bapu Bazar in Jaipur is overflowing with shops selling handicrafts varying from delicate wall hangings with intricate mirror work to decorative pieces for each and every home. The age-old metal craft of Jaipur sets a high standard in craftsmanship, and the lifelike reproduction of some of the items will astonish you.

5. Puppets (Katputli)

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Rajasthan has a rich history of puppet shows that tell the stories of brave kings and amazing queens; these finely designed dolls serve as a traditional souvenir. Bapu Bazar has a multitude of options for shopping for puppets.

6. Quilts

Quilts (Jaipuri razai) in Bapu Bazar
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These quilts, known locally as Jaipuri razai, are made of a particular grade of fine cotton fabric (also available in silk and velvet for the more expensive ones), which is light in weight and provides adequate warmth on chilly nights. The handcrafted Jaipuri razai has covers with traditional block-printed designs.

7. Clothing

Famous Bhandej of Bapu Bazar
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Jaipur is known for its famous bandhej (or tie and dye) clothing, which features unique designs and prints. There are also pieces with delicate embroideries and mirror work on them. The Leheriya saree and Bandhni dupatta are now identified as signature items of Jaipur bandhej art. Clothing with Sanganer and Bagru prints are also popular and available in Bapu Bazar.

8. Blue pottery

Blue pottery of Bapu Bazar
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Items are made of Jaipur blue pottery are among the best for home decoration. Rajasthan is also recognized for its marble sculptures, in addition to its pottery. Jaipur is home to a lot of skilled artisans who produce stone artefacts and religious idols.

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