The Gajak Guide

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The Gajak Guide for you crazies who, like us, don’t know which one is which


Til (sesame seeds)

One of the most humble gajaks known to mankind, and it’s also worth noting that there’s a til laddu in the mix. So, til is essentially a type of Superfood; it has enormous health benefits and is delicious.
The most well-known gajak in Til is til papdi Patti. It comes in a variety of til gud, til mawa, til gud khasta, and other flavours.
Sweetener– Mawa, Gud, and plain old processed sugar Shape– Rolls (rarely), Rewdi, Patti (bar), and Ladoos

Mungfali (peanut)


this gajak is so popular that it has its own name, chikki. It’s typically made with gud, but it can also be made with a combination of gud and til. It’s so popular that we’re confident it’s the best-selling item in every gajak shop we visited.
Sweetener– Gud, processed sugar (rarely) Shape-Patti(bar), and it may also be found in other shapes.


Son Papdi

This one is borrowed from the iconic son papdi, and yes, it is one of those ‘other types,’ but unlike chocolate-flavored gajak, it is iconic. It has mostly been made with gud.
Sweetener– Gud, processed sugar Shapes– Patti, Ladoo, and or sometimes Rolls

Mawa (khoya)


The most common options are gud mawa and til mawa, but there’s also a simple mawa gajak on its own.
Gud and processed sugar are used as sweeteners.
Patti(bar), Ladoo, and Rolls are the most common shapes.

Dry fruit

dry fruits

There are many different types of dry fruit gajaks, including kaju, pista, and badam gajaks. People have a love-hate relationship with them, but you don’t have a shortage of options, so we’ll leave that up to you.
Gud, processed sugar, and mawa are used as sweeteners.
Shapes– Typically, Patti(bar), oval, and round.

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