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Jaipur is one of India’s most popular shopping destinations. As a Jaipur resident, I often hear from friends (who come from other states) that their cars were loaded with shopping when they returned home from Jaipur! In addition, every family seems to have at least one member who adores block prints and will only shop for them in Jaipur!

Welcome to Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital.

A Lahauli acquaintance who now resides in Kullu once said that a family excursion to Jaipur had to be cut short because his wife couldn’t stop shopping! Welcome to Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur.

A family trip to Jaipur had to be cut short because his wife couldn’t stop shopping, according to a Lahauli acquaintance who now lives in Kullu.

Gems, block prints, miniature paintings, blue ceramics, jewellery, brass utensils, mojaris (traditional leather footwear), leather products, floor coverings (dhurries and rugs), tie and dye cotton fabrics, and travel souvenirs are among the most popular things to buy in Jaipur.

Beautiful twilight light in the pink city.

The heritage walled city (old pink city portion) is the beating heart of Jaipur, and locals prefer it for shopping because the products are genuine and the prices are reasonable. Lac bangles, diamonds, paintings, block printed fabrics, mojaris, antiques, wall hangings, furniture, paper products, and various other unique items are sold in lanes dedicated to specialized crafts. In 2019, the walled city of Jaipur was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of the furniture businesses has a painted wooden cabinet.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to shopping in Jaipur, including what to buy and where to get it.

The fortified city’s lanes –

Kishanpole Bazaar: Kishanpole Bazaar is known for its wooden handicrafts and puppets, tie-dye textiles, and shops that sell sherbets in a variety of flavours, such as rose, pistachios, and saffron. When it comes to sherbets, I highly recommend Shop No. 307. Their charnamrat flavour is delicious.

Johari Bazaar: The term Johari Bazaar means “jewellery market” in English. It is the most popular place to buy valuable and semi-precious gems and stones such as emeralds, rubies, and pearls. Kundan jewellery, meenakari work (glazed enamelling), tie-and-dye sarees (leheriya), and gota saris are all popular items to buy at Johari Bazaar. Roop Laxmi and Rana Sari Emporium are good places to go for sarees. Lal Ji Saand ka Rasta is a whole street dedicated to saree and lehengas stores. The gemstone artisans at Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldiyon ka Rasta can be seen working with precious and semi-precious stones.

Tripolia Bazaar: Metal crafts, brass kitchenware like kettles, jugs, dinner sets, antiques, and tiny paintings are all popular items to buy in Tripolia Bazaar. Maniharon ka Rasta is a road lined with stores selling brightly coloured lac or resin bangles. Lac bangles should be purchased from Shop No. 133 at Maniharon ka Rasta. Kishanlal Ramchand Brass Merchant, shop no. 173 in Tripolia Bazaar also sells original brass kitchenware at fixed pricing, which I can personally endorse.

Chandpole Bazaar: It is simply a local market, with several stores selling spices, pulses, and other everyday necessities. Chandpole Bazaar’s Khazane Walon ka Rasta, marble and stoneware carvers chisel first-class statues of mythological figures. A few artisans also do marble inlay work in the same lane. It is preferable to visit several stores, compare pricing for what you want, and then make your purchase.

Chaura Rasta: Jaipuri quilts, block printed quilts, dohars, and quilted bedcovers are highly recommended. Any of the Lashkari shops on Chaura Rasta Road carry the excellent quality of the products above and sell them at a fair price.

Sireh Deori Bazar (Market near Hawa Mahal): Even though it is the most touristy market and that one may be quoted exorbitant prices, it is nonetheless a market worth visiting for its sheer variety. Among the souvenirs available are pouffes, vivid wall hangings, lightweight comforters, leather bags, and glass and mosaic lamps. Remember that if the price seems excessively excessive, you are being misled, and you should walk away.

Purohit Ji ka Katla (Badi Choupad): This is an actual neighbourhood market, with shops crammed in next to each other. Purohit Ji ka Katla is an excellent destination to buy textiles and bridal trousseau at wholesale prices, and you’ll hardly see another tourist there. However, it can also get quite crowded, so the ideal time to visit is in the afternoon.

Bapu Bazaar: Although it is a popular tourist destination, it is still a nice place to buy mojari’s (traditional camel-skin footwear), block-printed bedsheets, Jaipuri blankets, block-printed shirts, dress material, and outfits. Before making a purchase, compare the fabric quality in several stores. You can also visit the Ramganj Bazar market to see how juttis, mojaris, and leather shoes are made.

Thatheron ka Rastais an alley accessible from Chaura Rasta / Kishanpol Bazaar where one can observe utensil makers (Thatheras) at work creating brass kitchenware. Thathera is a community of metal beaters who create kitchenware out of malleable metals such as copper and alloys such as brass and bronze. Artisans also make traditional copper vessels, and you can buy straight from them if you can finalize a product and agree on a price.

Handmade paper from Sanganer – Sanganer is well-known for its block-printed textiles and handmade paper. Handmade paper sheets can be purchased for Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 each sheet from an entire lane of paper manufacturers. Sanganer sells paper-based products such as lamps, boxes, diaries, photo frames, and block-printed paper bags. Kalpana Handmade Paper in Bawadi ka Bas is an excellent spot to go if you want to buy these items.

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