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Jaipur is one of India’s most fascinating cities. Although it is the capital of the northern state of Rajasthan, it has its distinct personality. It is known as India’s Pink City.

To understand why Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India, we must go back in time and examine the circumstances that led to the designation of this historic city of Kings and aristocracy as the Pink City of India.

The moniker “Pink City” was given to Jaipur because of the colour of the stone utilized exclusively for the construction of all of the buildings and structures. Anyone who has visited Jaipur can attest that the city’s buildings are all pink in colour.

Why is Jaipur called Pink City?

Because of the tint of the walls utilized entirely to build all structures, Jaipur has earned the title “Pink City.” Anyone who has visited Jaipur can testify that the city’s buildings are all pink in colour. Pink has a long and illustrious history. The Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria went on a trip to India in 1876.

Pink is the colour of hospitality; thus, Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the entire city pink to greet visitors. Residents have faithfully continued the custom and are now required by law to keep the pink tint.

Jaipur, which is pink in hue and liveliness, is India’s most attractive and mesmerizing places. When it comes to characterizing the city’s incredible appeal, one is always at a loss for words. Jaipur’s culture, architecture, customs, art, jewellery, and textiles have always enchanted visitors. It is a city that has maintained its roots and values despite modernization.

Pink city has its own distinct emotions and flavours that perfectly mix to provide a unique experience. Forts, museums, restaurants, monuments, shopping, and much more abound in Jaipur. It is always considered a tourist or a newbie in the city to discover the city as a local, but it becomes too messy in the end.

In addition to being the state’s capital, Jaipur is also the state’s largest metropolis. The famous warrior and astronomer Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II is credited with founding the city in the eighteenth century. The city’s illustrious past comes to life in the palaces and forts where the royal clans once resided.

Jaipur is a popular tourist destination because of its towering forts and Havelis, gorgeous temples, calm landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

How did Jaipur manage to stay pink to date?

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh’s favourite wife, who enjoyed the colour scheme, is the solution. With her private ear to the maharaja, the queen persuaded him to adopt a decree prohibiting buildings from being painted any colour other than Jaipur Pink.

This rule, which passed in 1877, is still in existence today and contributes to transforming a polluted and unclean city into a pink city, although a grimy shade of pink.

Every structure within the historic walled centre, also known as CHAR DIWARI, is painted terracotta “pink.” Even now, on the chief minister’s orders, the city is painted pink every Diwali to maintain its moniker.

If you visit this tourist site, you will notice that Jaipur’s rich past is decorated with this hue and the design of famed Rajasthani paintings.

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